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Hawaiian Tee

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The Hawaiian Tee proudly proclaims your Hawaiian-ness !

You can get a FREE Certified Hawaiian National Card if you order and pay for a Hawaiian Born x Bred Tee (via PayPal using a credit or debit card!

If you'd like a FREE Certified Hawaiian National Card just order ANY Hawaiian Born x Bred Tee and you'll receive a Certified Hawaiian National Card absolutely FREE ! - *(You Must Qualify As A Hawaiian National According To The Hawaiian Kingdom Constitution)
After you order a tee from the Hawaiian Born x Bred Tee Collection you must show proof of your Hawaiian Nationality to receive your FREE Certified Hawaiian Nationality Card.
Accepted Proof of Your Hawaiian Nationality:
• Hawaiian by Birth - your Hawai'i birth certificate.
• Hawaiian by Residency - your Hawai'i ID or Driver's License.
• Hawaiian by Descent - your kupuna's proof of Hawaiian Nationality or Subject status (from before January 17, 2018) and a genealogy showing your lineal descent from them.
You may order one Hawaiian Born x Bred tee for one FREE Certified Hawaiian National Card per individual.